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Just here to talk about things that don't really matter, but make life more fun.

Things that we can talk about include music, specifically vinyl, Books, movies, and TV. They could also include life, love, and the trouble with the grind. Love to talk, and if you have something to say, would love to hear it!

Felix Gray



I like pictures and I like to take them. Of people. Of Places. Of animals. Of just about anything. Please feel free to have a look. I will try and organize them as they come in. As you will see, I do love birds!

The Gray Zone

I love to tell stories. Hell, I just love to talk. Maybe one day I will start a pod cast. But for now, it's just a blog. Just things that make me think, or catch my attention. They are short. Hopefully they will make you smile. Have a look and take a short break today!


The Assistant Director

Well, that's what I have been for 35 years, so yea! That's what I am. So I am putting in the corner the ADs. Just a place to ask the questions no one will answer. The questions no one wants to hear asked, that everyone needs to know. You don't have to be an AD to get useful stuff right here!

I'd Love to Hear From You. Here's How You Can Reach Me

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